DYI: Twig to Wardrobe Accessory

I found a piece of wood - a twig and brought it home. It was sturdy and lightweight and made me feel it had potential. What could I make with it? something pretty for myself. I toyed with the idea of a wardrobe accessory. I cleaned and brushed it; rubbed it with sandpaper. It definitely... Continue Reading →

Nutcraft Jingles

For a while, I have been away from my nuttycraft. Life happened; Covid happened. But I have been saving my nut shells all along. Let's hope new nutshell items will come again soon. Meanwhile, here's something for you to enjoy. Bringing you a few of the sweet little jingles, which are a great gift to... Continue Reading →

How many of you have seen a banana flower? If you are city folk, you may'nt have seen it. This is what it looks like: Do you think you can make a pistachio shell replica of this? Here's how to make pretty little banana flower earrings with pistachio shells.  Materials required: Pistachio shells - three... Continue Reading →

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