Walnut Shell Owls

Walnut shell owls are easy to make. If walnut shell penguins are here, can the walnut shell owl be far behind? If you've already made the baby penguins, you already know the process. There are, however, a  few minor changes. Read on to know more.  Ad: Craft supplies This is what  I used to make... Continue Reading →

DIY Baby Penguins

These little fellas came to visit me this morning. You guessed right, they are baby penguins and as you can see, they are very easy to make with walnut and pistachio shells. ad: Farm fresh walnuts in shells Here's how to make cute baby penguins. What I used my imagination (first and foremost) walnut shells... Continue Reading →

Walnut Shell Frog

Here's a frog you can really kiss - a walnut shell frog. In my first post, I mentioned that not all walnut shells break smoothly into two halves. They sometimes break in weird shapes. Here's how I turned a walnut shell into a fat, green tree-frog.  ad: Farm fresh walnuts in shells What I used... Continue Reading →

DIY Pistachio Shell Earrings

My very first experiment with nut shells was to make earrings out of pistachio shells. I love eating pistachios. Though they are a bit expensive, they are a very healthy food, nutritionally dense. According to the Wikipedia, the pistachio is a desert plant, a member of thee cashew family. The pistachio shells split naturally a look... Continue Reading →

Nut shells, more specifically, walnut shells and pistachio shells, are versatile. You can make many beautiful items using them. I have made a few that are much liked by my friends and colleagues. Many of them asked me to make videos showing how I make them, but I figured that photos are more than enough.... Continue Reading →

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