Make Fishes With Walnut and Pistachio Shells

Make fishes with walnut and pistachio shells simply following my method. These colorful fishes can be used in room and balcony decor and even in wind chimes. Here's what I used to make fishes with walnut and pistachio shells Walnut shells (both halves) Pistachio shells (both halves) Acrylic paint Googly eyes (optional) Colored ribbons Glue... Continue Reading →

Cute Little Piggy Face

So, next comes a cute little piggy face made of walnut and pistachio shells. How did I make it? Pretty obvious from this picture, isn't it? Here's what I used to make this piggy face: One half of a walnut-shell Two pistachio shells for the ears Two buttons for the snout Acrylic colors Varnish for... Continue Reading →

Walnut Shell Fruits

A tomato? a strawberry? a watermelon! nah - these are just walnut shells. Don't they look ripe and sweet and juicy? But easy to make, eh?Just paint walnut shells to look like like fruits and you have made walnut shell fruits - right? Well, there are more to these walnut shell fruits than just that.... Continue Reading →

Walnut Shell Jewel Box

How would you like to have a little jewel box made of a walnut shell? You can easily make one (or more) for yourself if you follow my process. Here goes... These are the things I used to make my Walnut Shell Jewel Box: My imagination A whole walnut shell, neatly broken into two halves... Continue Reading →

Walnut Shell Turtles

These little ones are on their way to far-away Luxembourg, with grim determination and staunch discipline. If you look closely, you'll find they are walnut shell turtles. Or shall we call them tortoises? According to Live Science's Turtle Facts, tortoises are land animals while turtles live mostly in water. Whatever we call them, the adorable... Continue Reading →

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