Cute Little Piggy Face

Nut shell piggy faceSo, next comes a cute little piggy face made of walnut and pistachio shells. How did I make it? Pretty obvious from this picture, isn’t it?

Here’s what I used to make this piggy face:

  • One half of a walnut-shell
  • Two pistachio shells for the ears
  • Two buttons for the snout
  • Acrylic colors
  • Varnish for gloss
  • Glue
  • Bindis for eyes
  • Magnet

The first step is to paint the shells pink and varnish them. When the paint dried, I used glue to stick the ears and the snout. Just for the record, my favorite glue is Fevicol.

Fevicol MR Squeeze Bottle

I use Camel acrylic colors for painting and a spray gloss for the varnish.

Piggy face snoutThe distinguishing feature of a piggy face is the snout. They use it to dig into the soil to find food. So, I used two buttons to make the snout prominent. However, a single button also works on a piggy face.

Did you know pigs are smarter than dogs? Read all about them here.

I stuck two of my tiny black bindis to make the eyes and then used a black marker pen to extend them a bit more. This makes the eyes look prettier from a distance.

So there; the cute little piggy face is complete and staring at you in a beseeching way.

Attaching a magnet to a piggy faceNow, to turn in into a fridge magnet, first stuff the shell with whatever. I used a piece of cloth and pasted it to the inner surface of the walnut-shell with glue. I stuck the magnet upon this.

In this picture, you can also see how the pistachio shell ears are fixed to the piggy face.

The cute little piggy face can now take its pride of place along with the turtles and the giant ladybirds on my fridge door.

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