Cute Little Walnut Shell Flower Basket

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Here comes a cute little walnut shell flower basket – extremely easy to make. Lovely decoration for your Christmas tree or that little hook on your wall.

walnut shell flower basket with flowers

Materials used in making the walnut shell flower basket:

  1. Any twine (I used jute twine)
  2. Half a walnut shell
  3. glue
  4. straw or wire for the handle
  5. Flowers (I use my own handmade pista-shell flowers)

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The handle of the walnut shell flower basket

The first step is the make the handle of the walnut shell flower basket. Cut the wire or straw or just a paper rope to the desired length. Now, wind the twine around it leaving out about a centimeter on each end. (See photo below)

handle of walnut shell flower basket

The inner surface of the basket

Now, apply glue to the inner surface of the walnut shell. Make a circular mat by winding up the twine and carefully place it centrally inside the shell. The following picture should make it clear:

Inner surface of the walnut shell flower basket

Cover up the remaining part of the shell interior with the the jute twine.

The outer surface of the basket.

Apply glue to the outer surface of the walnut shell and hold the handle of the basket in position on either side of the shell (basket). Now wind the jute twine around the walnut shell externally. As the twine goes round, it covers the handle on either side of the basket and fastens it to the walnut shell.

Finish winding the twine and tuck in the end with the help of a little glue. The walnut shell flower basket is ready to hold flowers! see below.

Completed walnut shell basket

Now, all that is left to do is to place some flowers. I placed pistachio shell flowers that I made myself.

If you want to learn how to make pistachio flowers, there are many video tutorials available. You can also check out this pin on Pinterest.

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