DIY: A flower for a bee (or vice versa)

Flower and beeIt’s time again for more nutty craft – here we come with a flower and a bee. Oh, what a pair! And what a lovely fridge magnet they make! Want to gift someone a beautiful, handmade item they will treasure? Come, make this with me. It’s super easy to make.

Here are the list of materials required:

For the flower:materials for flower

  • a plastic bottle cap
  • pistachio shells
  • beads or sequins
  • acrylic paint
  • glue
  • varnish

For the bee:

  • two halves of a walnut shell
  • a piece of twine
  • two halves of a pistachio shell
  • acrylic paint
  • glue
  • varnish


First make the flower. Paint the pistachio shells with your favorite acrylic paint and let them dry. Varnish and let dry again. Then stick them around the plastic bottle cap with glue.

painted pistachio shells pistachio shells around a plastic bottle cap

With glue, stick a circular piece of magnet in the bottle cap (rear) and embellish the front of the cap with beads or sequins to form the center of the flower.

pistachio shells around a plastic bottle cap Pistachio shell flower

The pistachio shell flower is ready! You can now use this as an independent fridge magnet. The flower doesn’t need the bee, but it will definitely be better off with a cute walnut and pistachio sell bee on it. So, let’s go, make a bee now!

To make the bee, take two halves of a single walnut shell (need not be cleanly broken perfect halves, because we’re going to join then together anyway).

Insert a piece of twine between the two halves of the walnut shell, before joining them together with glue. The twine should stick out of the shell on either side, as shown in these pictures. Paint the shell black, with acrylic paint.


a broken walnut shell, painted twine sticking out a walnut shell

Now, using yellow paint, draw two stripes on the bee. Once the paint is dry, add the wings – attach two halves of a pistachio shell on either side, just below the twine.

Paint the walnut shell black and yellow Bee on flower with wings added

Do not forget to varnish the bee to get that bee-like shiny body!  There are plenty of varnish options available on Amazon.

If you like nut shell craft, you might enjoy my book:

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And finally, here’s a video of the whole process:

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