How to Make a Lion Face With Half a Walnut Shell

Lion face
Lion face – Picture from Pixabay

Today let’s make a lion face – a truly majestic face that commands respect as the ‘King of the Jungle’. 

First let’s see what makes the face unique – what do we distinguish it by? For me, it’s the rich mane, followed by the bright, glittering eyes and then the proud nose and mouth.

If we recall how we made the faces of other animals such as the pig and panda, you will note that the nostril makes all the difference.

So, here’s what I used to make my walnut shell lion face:

  • half a walnut shell
  • two halves of a pistachio shell
  • jute twine cut into small pieces
  • two golden beads
  • black marker pen
  • glue

Lion nose and mouthI ‘built’ the nose-mouth area first. For this, I used the same technique as in the miniature masks and used pistachio shell halves.  I placed two pistachio shell halves, one on top of another like an inverted ‘T’ at the center of the walnut shell. Once the glue dried, I painted the nose and mouth with my black marker pen as shown in this picture.

The rest is obvious, isn’t it? 

Draw the outlines of the eyes on either side of the nose with the marker pen. Then, place the two golden beads at the center of each to make the bright, shiny and angry eyes.

Arrange the pieces of jute twine all around the face and stick them well with glue. That’s it! Simple, isn’t it? Here’s the face of the Lion King himself, staring at us. 

 Walnut shell lion face

I did not use any acrylic paint on the lion face. Let me know what you think about that.

Any other comments/remarks/feedback are also welcome.

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