How to make a tiger with nut shells

tiger face made with walnut and pistachio shellsNow that we are officially in the business of scaring people (see Halloween monsters and Snowman), let us make a tiger with nut shells. By tiger, I mean a tiger face, like the piggy face and the lion face we already made.

Don’t worry, it is very easy to make a tiger with nut shells – if I can make it, children can make it. (And, psst…just between us, it’s perfectly harmless and cute – nothing to be afraid of).

Materials required to make a tiger with nut shells:

  • Half a walnut shell
  • pistachio shells
  • Glue
  • Acrylic colors
  • Marker pen (black)
  • Golden beads (optional)
  • White string (optional)

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Begin with the nose:

nose of the tigerAn uncle, who once tried to teach me to sketch faces, advised me to begin with the nose. Let’s use the same technique to make a tiger with nut shells. We will make the nose with half a pistachio shell, of course.

Next comes the ears – once again we make them with pistachio shells. Remember the technique we use to attach the ears to the walnut shells? First stuff them with paper to provide a surface to apply the glue to.

Making the ears     Ears attached

Now paint the nut shells to look like a tiger

Apply white patches: painting a tigerAll that is left to do to make a tiger with nut shells is painting the nutshells, and that’s simple too! here’s how:

First apply white paint in patches as shown in this picture. Let it dry. Next, paint all the remaining surface orange. If required, retouch the white patches after applying orange. When dry, use a black marker pen or felt-tipped sketch pen to draw the black lines. You may think this part is difficult, but that is not so. Your lines do not have to be straight or perfect. Here, watch me:

Tiger made with walnut and pista shellsEasy, isn’t it? I hope you will try this one. It looks gorgeous – exactly like a miniature Royal Bengal tiger. There are just a couple of enhancements to do:

  1. Stick two little golden beads to make the blazing eyes, and
  2. Attach little pieces of white string to make the whiskers.

You can stick this tiger on your fridge with a magnet or place it between plants in your garden.

So much for today. If you make a tiger with nut shells, do send me a picture. Meanwhile, I’ll go and make the next … 

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