How to Make a Walnut Shell Duck

This walnut shell duck is my first experiment with two walnut shells instead of one. Here, I’m going to tell you how I made it.

Looking at my craft, you might think you don’t need to read any further. But there are a few tricks that I learn from experience – that you can learn simply by paying attention to what I write. No, pictures do not reveal all.

walnut shell duckSo, what materials did I use to make this walnut shell duck?

How did I get the idea of making a duck?

I glued up two halves of a tiny walnut shell to make it a whole. I held it in my hand along with another shell and the combination looked very promising – somewhat like the ducky baby bath toy. That gave me the idea – why not make a walnut shell duck?


Walnut shells glued together
Walnut shells glued together and painted yellow

So I glued the two shells together – the first step towards making the walnut shell duck – and placed the ensemble on my work table with the smaller shell on the top. But hey – it refused to stand!

It was kind of top-heavy. The “center of gravity” wasn’t where it should be.

Start again!

This time, I filled the lower globule (bigger shell) with a teaspoon of sand before gluing the two halves together. Now, ducky-in-making had no difficulty sitting up.

With a dash of yellow paint, the shells already looked like a cute ducky bird.

Beak of the walnut shell duck
Painted pista shells for beak

For the beak, I painted two halves of a pistachio shell inĀ orange. These were then attached to the upper globule of the walnut shell pair.

The bird now needed pair of wings. Another pair of pistachio shell halves were put to use.

Beak and wings of walnut shell duck
Beak and wings of walnut shell duck


Ducky bird was almost ready to soar. At this point, I learned about a request from a very special friend – 6-year old Aditi, who is the daughter of my colleague, Beena. Her request was to make a ‘love bird’.

Aditi, this walnut shell ducky bird is dedicated to you, with all my love! …and thank you for making the beautiful pista shell jewelry. Keep it up, my friend!

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