How to Make an Elephant Head with Nut Shells

Nut Shell Elephant Head How to make a nut shell elephant head? Today we make yet another animal head. Just like the other animal-heads, the nut shell elephant head is easy to make. It can be safely made by both children and adults. 

From this picture, you may have already guessed how I made it. However, there are a few tips to help you succeed at first go, which is why you may want to read on.

Materials required:

  • One half of a walnut shell
  • Both halves of a single, large, pistachio shell
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glue
  • Buttons
  • Eyes

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To make the nut shell elephant head, I first took up, not the nut shells, but the buttons. As you can see, the trunk of the nut shell elephant is made exclusively of buttons – grey buttons, as you can see, to match the color of the common Asian elephant. I stacked up the buttons in a slightly crooked, wavy shape.

Stacking up buttons to make the trunk of the nut shell elephant Goes without saying that the buttons are glued to one another securely.

Now that the main distinguishing feature of the elephant is made, we can concentrate on the second important feature, the ears!

For the ears, I have used pistachio shells. It’s important to  use two halves of the same pistachio shell to ensure that the ears are identical. Take the largest pistachio available.

For the head, take a perfect half of a walnut shell as in the picture below. You may want to stuff it with paper or polystyrene (thermocol) to fix a magnet on.  

Pistachio shells for the ears of the nut shell elephant Perfect half of a walnut shell for the elephant's head

The next step is the paint the shells grey, matching the color of the trunk. I left the hollow of the pistachio shells unpainted, but allowed some paint to spill over, into the inner edges. This picture should make it clear:

painted pistachio shells painted pistachio shells 2

The final step is to assemble all the parts of the nut shell elephant head as shown below:

nut shell ears fixed to the nut shell elephant head Fully assembled, nut shell elephant head

Further enhancements can be done, such as, adding tusks. I converted the nut shell elephant head into a fridge magnet. So, what do you think of this nut shell elephant head? Do let me know. 

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