How to make cute and ‘nutty’ Santa Claus

Santa Claus is ready for ChristmasGuess who paid me an early visit? None other than St Nick! If you want to have Santa Claus in your home next weekend here’s what you have to do: First shell a few nuts, more specifically, walnut and pistachio. (You can always buy nuts with shells from Amazon, and if you click this link to buy from Amazon, I might benefit somehow.)

Anyway, eat the nuts and keep the shells for Santa Claus. Here are other materials you need:

Materials needed to make the nut shell Santa Claus:

  • walnut and pistachio shells
  • glue
  • acrylic paint
  • gloss or varnish
  • thermocol bubbles
  • beads for eyes and nose (if you have wiggly eyes, nothing like it!)

Note: Please be careful when using thermocol. Little pieces of thermocol are lightweight and can easily scatter around. They may be harmful if eaten by mistake. Always clear up carefully and wash your hands after working with thermocol.

Steps to make the nut shell Santa Claus:

  1. Join two halves of a walnut shell and paint it red, leaving out the face area.
  2. Paint a pistachio shell red and stuff it with thermocol. This will be used for the cap.Pistachio shell stuffing  painting the nut shells
  3. Stick the pistachio shell to the head of the walnut shell (see picture below).Cap of Santa Claus
  4. On the face, paste the nose bead. Nose of Santa Claus
  5. Position the eyes with reference to the nose and stick them on. Eyes of Santa Claus
  6. Cut a small bit of thermocol and stick it below the nose to form the mustache. Mustache of Santa Claus
  7. Extract bubbles/beads from a piece of thermocol and carefully stick them on the face of Santa Claus to make his snowy white beard.     Beard made of thermocol bubbles  Watch me extract bubbles from a piece of thermocol:
  8. Paint Santa’s belt or stick a piece of cello-tape. Add other accessories as you like.               Add accessories to Santa Claus 

Ho ho ho! the portly Santa Claus is ready for Christmas! 

If you think this Santa Claus is cute, please give it a “5-star” rating and share with your friends. 

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