Cactus plants made of nut shells

Mid-week greens!

We have made animals, birds, jewelry, and figures with nut shells. 

Cactus plants made of nut shells

Here come cactus plants made of nut shells. Cacti are beautiful, low-maintenance,  and we like to adorn our homes and gardens with them. They are also quite expensive, aren’t they? What if we can make some, albeit fake ones, with nothing but nut shells? 

So, which nut shells are we talking about here? 

Materials used in cactus plants:

  • Various nut shells – peanut shells, walnut shells and pistachio shells.
  • Glue
  • Acrylic paint 
  • Glitter
  • plastic containers
  • sand/gravel/pebbles

Colorful pebbles for plant pots can be purchased from Amazon.

Note that the both halves of each nut shell are required. The halves are glued together. 

Plastic containers can be painted brown to look like earthen pots for the cactus plants. Fill them with sand or gravel or small pebbles to provide support and stability to the cactus plants made of nut shells. 

Peanut-shell cactus

Peanut shells
Cactus no. 1

Cactus no. 1 is made of peanut shells. Take 5 or 6 roasted peanuts, carefully crack them open without breaking the shells. Peanut shells are usually tender/brittle. But don’t worry, once painted and varnished, they will be as hard an durable as any nut shell. 

Rejoin the shell halves with glue, and oh! you are free to eat the peanuts (if you like them) that you extracted out of the shells.

Now, paint them green and attach them to one another with glue.

Walnut shell cactus
Cactus no. 2

On this one, I also used some glitter paint for the thorns.

Walnut-shell cactus

Cactus plant no. 2 is made of walnut and pistachio shells. Pistachio shells are used to make buds (branching). On this one, I have used additional glue to form thorns and flowers. I have also used yellow and pink paint to paint the thorns and flowers. As in the case of peanut shells, I have used whole shells (after eating the nuts) – two perfect halves glued together.

Pistachio-shell cactus

Pistachio shell cactus
Cactus no. 3

Cactus no. 3 is made of pistachio shells. This is similar to cactus no. 1, made of peanut shells. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the pistachio shells should be attached vertically, with the narrower end always facing downwards. When painted green, the shells should look like leaves of the prickly pear. 

So much for this week; if you like my nut shell craft, can look forward to another surprising garden ornament in my next post.

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