Nutty Craft – The Book

Nutty Craft – The Book is now available on Amazon – both as a Kindle book and as paperback.

It contains 21 things, including animals, birds,  and figurines, you can make with nut shells – complete with pictures and procedures. I am extremely happy to bring my craft to you in this, more permanent form.

Written in recipe-book style, Nutty Craft – 21 Things to Make with Nutshells, has pictures and creation procedures of birds, animals, fruits, and figurines I have made with nut shells and sundry other materials.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, who have seen my posts, provided valuable feedback and encouraged me. I hope you will continue to encourage me by reviewing my book and letting me know how it can be improved.

For now, I can offer you a visual treat, in the form of pictures of my creations and the creation process. The books can be useful to children as well as all craft lovers of all ages.

I do not have any new creation to present to you at the moment. That is because, I have been preoccupied with my mother’s illness. 

Unfortunately, she’s still battling for her life in a hospital bed, but my family and I are supporting her with full strength and hoping for her quick recovery.

Your good wishes and prayers are solicited.

Please visit my older creations in this website and keep an eye on the Amazon promotions for discounts on Nutty Craft – The Book..

Thank you!

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