Pistachio shell craft – lotus flower

Nut shell lotus plantedWe have made pistachio shell flowers for a walnut shell flower basket before. Now can you make a pistachio shell lotus? Look closely – its easy. These budding lotuses are made using pistachio shells and pieces of peanut shells. Want to know more?

Materials used in pistachio shell lotus

  • pistachio shells
  • peanut shells
  • Pieces of sting 
  • acrylic paint
  • glue
  • varnish


pistachio shell lotus petals

First, paint the pistachio shells in the colors of lotus petals. Here, I have taken eight shell-halves and painted them in white and pink. When the paint is dry, varnish them. It’s best to varnish the petals at this stage. Varnish gives them a lustre and makes them strong and durable. 

Cut out a piece of peanut shell and make a hole at its center, big enough for the string to pass through. Peanut shell is soft and easy to pierce with needle, but once painted and varnished, it is hardened and difficult to pierce. lotus leaf and stem pistachio shell lotus bud

That is why we will paint it only after the hole is made. Paint it green and varnish it. When the varnish dries, insert the string as shown in this picture. I have used a green nylon string; if you use any other string, make sure to color it green, preferably a lighter shade that the peanut shell. These two will now form the leaf and the stalk of the pistachio shell lotus. 

Place one end of the string between two of the  pistachio shell lotus petals and glue them together. This now looks like a lotus bud. 

Now arrange the remaining petals around this bud and fix them securely with glue.

pistachio shell lotus angle 3 pistachio shell lotus angle 1 pistachio shell lotus angle 2 Make as many of these as you like and place them in an artificial pond. Add more peanut shell leaves if required.

I hope you enjoy making the pistachio shell lotus. Please subscribe for more like this.

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