The Walnut Shell Minions are Here!

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Walnut shell minionsWhen my friend, Swarnali, suggested I make Walnut Shell Minions, I promptly agreed. But it turned out to be quite a challenge. I spent days thinking about how to make the arms and legs, their peculiar eyes, and most importantly, the clothes. Finally, I used lots of tape and other things:

Materials I used to make walnut shell minions:

  • walnut shells
  • making of the walnut shell minionspistachio shells
  • acrylic paint
  • glue
  • wiggly eyes
  • black string /twine
  • plastic straw
  • thermocol
  • paper chord
  • lots of tape of various colors

The journey:

The first two steps are easy and obvious:

  1. Stick the two halves of each walnut shell together. While doing so, insert a few pieces of black string between the two halves, at the end where the head is supposed to be. This forms the sparsely hair.
  2. The boots – this I did not have to think about.  I made the boots by painting the pistachio shells black.
  3. Now, between the boots and the torso, must come the tiny legs. To make the legs, I cut small pieces of straw and stuffed them with thermocol to make them sturdy. stuffing straw pieces with thermocol  standing on bare legs
  4. arms and the clothesThese I then wrapped in tape that also formed the clothes. Small pieces of colored tape easily stuck together to form the clothes. However, the stickiness is temporary; therefore I used an additional layer of glue.
  5. For the arms, I used twisted paper chord that I extracted from a paper bag. You can also make your own or buy from Amazon by clicking here.
  6. For the bespectacled eyes, again tape came to my rescue. I used silver and black cello-tape around wiggly eyes purchased from Amazon. Here is the result: one-eyed minion

So? What do you think? Do let me know.

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