DYI: Twig to Wardrobe Accessory

I found a piece of wood – a twig and brought it home. It was sturdy and lightweight and made me feel it had potential. What could I make with it? something pretty for myself. I toyed with the idea of a wardrobe accessory.

I cleaned and brushed it; rubbed it with sandpaper. It definitely looked nicer. Now what? what? Well, I painted it. Here’s how.

Brown painted twig Not so nice yet.

yellow and brown striped twig How about now?

This is what it looked like finally:

painted colorful twig And I love it!

Here’s the part I enjoyed the most:

So, how did the painted twig become a wardrobe accessory? Well, it’s now my bangle hanger. Here’s the whole video showing how a piece of twig became my wardrobe accessory.

Nothing to do with nutshells this time, but hope you liked the simple accessory. It’s fun and easy to make and even children can make one – a good motivation to stay at home!

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