Make a Panda – A Walnut Shell Panda

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First I made a walnut shell panda face – with half a walnut shell. Here’s how:

A Panda
Picture from Pixabay

Materials used in making a panda face:

That’s it!

Walnut shell panda face
This is how the walnut shell panda face looks from behind. The walnut shell is stuff with paper so I can stick a magnet easily

So how did I make a panda with a walnut shell half (and two pistachio shell halves)?

  1. I painted the walnut shell white
  2. I painted the pistachio shell-halves black (The panda, as you know, is a black and white animal. So, black and white are the only colors I needed for this craft.)
  3. I glued up all three
  4. I turned it around and planted a black bead to form the nose.   
  5. The most prominent feature of a panda’s face is its cute eyes with the distinctive black patches. So, the patches come next.
  6. When all the paint dried up, I glued the wiggly eyes in the middle of the black patches.
  7. Lastly, I had to paint the smiley mouth.

And there it was – a baby panda face smiling at me.

But I wasn’t happy yet. I wanted my walnut shell panda to have a body (and limbs). So, here they are. 

If you are wondering – I made the limbs with straw/ pistachio shells. I usually stuff straw with paper of thermocol to make them sturdy.

I’m sure you love my pandas. Hit “like” if you do and want more walnut shell craft. 

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