Walnut Shell Embossing – Must Try

Here’s something new – walnut shell embossing, using my own technique.

If you read my previous post, Walnut Shell Emoticons for Christmas Cheer , you already know a little bit about it. That was my first experiment with embossing on a walnut shell. This time, I have tried to explore further possibilities and the results are before you.

Before we get into the materials and the ‘how to’, what is ’embossing’ all about?

According to the Merriam-Webster, to emboss is to raise in relief from a surface. It is a form of art, in which the design is raised from the surface. It is traditionally done on a metal surface.

Materials used in walnut shell embossing:

  • walnut shells
  • reel (sewing) thread (cotton)
  • glue
  • acrylic paint
  • varnish

Yes, in my form of walnut shell embossing art, I used plain, reel thread that is normally used in sewing machines. Here’s how:

walnut shell embossing with sewing thread

With ample, liquid glue, light cotton thread can be made to create simple pictures such as these. Soak the thread or cotton string in glue, and carefully paste it on the walnut shell surface in your desired shape and design. Once the first layer of thread is in place, you can easily add more layers as required.

Here, as you can see, I used white, cotton thread to create the design and then painted it with acrylic paint. The paint adds another layer to the embossing and also masks the thread.

walnut shell embossing design 1 walnut shell embossing design 2

However, you can also used colored thread if you like a more textured design.

Now, what can I do with these embossed walnut shells?

Fridge magnets and garden ornaments, perhaps, but I think these would make lovely brooches. Below is one I made for a friend and guess what it’s going to turn into? – a french barrette for her lovely tresses!

walnut shell embossing design 3 walnut shell embossing - featured image Barette

If you like my walnut shell embossing art, you may also like my flower basket! Do give me a 5-star for this one too!

Until my next creation…

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