Walnut Shell Frog

Here’s a frog you can really kiss – a walnut shell frog.

In my first post, I mentioned that not all walnut shells break smoothly into two halves. They sometimes break in weird shapes. Here’s how I turned a walnut shell into a fat, green tree-frog. 

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What I used (in addition to a walnut shell):

  • My imagination (first and foremost)
  • A broken walnut shell
  • sandpaper
  • Pistachio shells
  • Glue
  • Acrylic colours
  • Little beads (for eyes)
  • A bit of jute twine

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When I tried to break open my walnut, it broke not in two halves, but only in a quarter as you can see in this picture.

walnut shell partly broken walnut shell turned upside down Walnut Shell Frog

Well, I scooped out the nut from the shell and turned the shell upside down on the table. As I did so, I could plainly see a frog sitting there.

So, I waved my magic wand – I colored the walnut shell green, then stuck a pair of pistachio shells on each side to make the hind limbs. Of course, before that, I smoothed the sharp edges in the broken area of the shell. I did this carefully with a light sandpaper.

You can clearly see in the pictures below how the pistachio shells are attached to the walnut shell with glue.

Pistachio shells as hind legs Pistachio shells pistachio shells

For the fore-limbs, I used my favorite jute twine. It stiffens when colored and stays in the required shape. You can also use green wire if you have any or any other string. (I think the frog looks cute and froggy even without the fore-limbs).

Next comes the eyes. I used two white beads, but you can use paint or the googly eyes beads available in the market. And that’s it! Froggy is ready to adorn your showcase or TV top or mantlepiece or wherever.

By the way, do not forget the varnish to get that glossy look. Apply the varnish when the paint dries and leave it for a good four to five hours to dry.

Do you like my idea? Please leave a comment if you do. Also, I would love to see pictures of your frogs. Please send them to me by email.

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