Walnut Shell Fruits

walnut shell fruits collageA tomato? a strawberry? a watermelon! nah – these are just walnut shells. Don’t they look ripe and sweet and juicy? But easy to make, eh?Just paint walnut shells to look like like fruits and you have made walnut shell fruits – right?

Well, there are more to these walnut shell fruits than just that. Take this walnut nut shell watermelon, for example. You can open it to see the inside. And what do you see? The red, juicy pulp, of course!Walnut Shell Fruit - Watermelon

What I used to make this walnut shell watermelon (and walnut shell fruits) 

  • My imagination
  • Two halves of a walnut shell
  • Paint (acrylic colors)
  • Silk ribbon
  • Thermocol
  • Glue

Click here to purchase the colors and glue for your craft.

The first step is – you guessed it right – to paint the shell exterior. When the paint dries, you can add a coat of varnish to add that extra gloss.

Now, you must attach the shells to one another using a piece of ribbon, just as we did while making the walnut shell jewel box. Now the shells are attached to one another one side, but open on the other.

To make the pulp, I used thermocol. Thermocol is a soft packing material used extensively in craft. It is often used to make disposable plates or cups. You probably have some at home, if not, you can get it in various shapes from Amazon.

Thermocol is soft and easy to cut into the required shape. Cut two pieces in the shape of the walnut shells. Don’t worry if the shape is slightly bigger than required. The soft thermocol can be easily tucked into the shell and made to stay. But before you tuck in the thermocol, paint an inner ellipse in red with a few black dots in it (to represent the seeds). Do the same for the other piece and tuck it in to the other half of the shell. Make sure the two halves of the shell can still be closed to form the whole fruit again.

Be careful not to consume any bit of thermocol and dispose of the thermocol waste responsibly so as to not cause any harm to the environment.

The other walnut shell fruits shown here are made like boxes.

However, the method is a little different from what is shown in walnut shell jewel box. Here, I’ve cut a green ribbon to look like like leaflets and pasted the ribbon on the outer surface of the painted nut shell- right where I want the shell-halves to be joined together. Before you do this, you can insert a piece of string or wire to form the stem. 

Joining the shell-halves to make a walnut shell fruit
This part is to be covered with a piece of silk ribbon, shaped like leaflets.

The final step is to attach two little beads and a piece of toothpick to make a nice fastener. (This has been explained in the previous article.) Voila! We have a walnut shell fruit jewel box.

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