Walnut Shell Octopus

DIY craft with plastic bottles is quite the in thing nowadays. So, I too used a plastic bottle in my nuttycraft – a walnut shell octopus with a plastic bottle (well, half a plastic bottle, as you will see).

Materials used in making my walnut shell octopus:

Here’s the video showing how I made it:

Step by step method:

Painted and varnished walnut shell

  1. Join the pieces of the broken walnut shell into a whole, then paint it. Do not forget to apply a coat of varnish. This will form the head of the octopus.
  2. The plastic bottle will form the body of the octopus. To prepare the plastic bottle,  first cut it horizontally about three inches from the top. The upper part of the bottle is what we need.
  3. Now cut out the eight arms (legs?) of equal length. According to Curiosity, Octopuses don’t have tentacles! They have limbs. and shape them as shown in the picture below.

Cut plastic bottle - top of the bottle Cut out the eight limbs

Cutting a (single-use) plastic bottle is easily achieved with a pair or scissors. However, children are advised to take the help of an adult in cutting up a plastic bottle.

(Repurposing plastic is preferable to throwing them away, because plastic is harmful to the environment.)

4. Now this too must be painted and varnished before we can attach the head to the body.

5. Do not forget to attach the suckers – the sequins (or seed beads) to the under side of the limbs. Octopuses have suckers to attach them to surfaces.


Body attached to head of walnut shell octopus

This octopus can be used in a key ring or in other suspensions of home decor. Here’s a tip: before you join the two halves of the walnut shell together, insert a piece of looped string on the top.

6. Attach the eyes and you are done!

So, what say? Is it nice? If you like this, you may also like the Snail. Check it out here.


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