Walnut shell snowman: How to make one

If the Halloween monsters are here, can the snowman be far? Winter is upon us and it’s time we brushed up our snowman-making skills. Let’s make a walnut shell snowman.

Materials used in making a walnut shell snowman:

  • Walnut shells  – 2 or 3
  • Acrylic color – white
  • Walnut shell filler – pebbles/sand
  • Glue
  • Jute twine
  • Thermocol
  • Beads, paper, cello tape, etc..

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Let’s start:

To make a walnut shell snowman, we have to stack the walnut shells one on top of the other and glue them together. Now, if our snowman becomes top heavy, he will topple. We don’t want him to be lying on the snow, do we? We want him to stand erect on his own (ahem..) bottom. Therefore, let’s make his bottom heavier than his top. How do we do that? Remember the lesson learned during making the walnut shell ducky?

Now let’s add the embellishments – the nose, eyes, hat and scarf.

hat, nose, eyes and scarf

Now, let’s give our snowman some snow to stand on. Here, I have used some thermocol as his base. 

Funny how the real snowman is build upwards starting from the snow at the base, whereas the walnut shell snowman is built in the reverse order – the ‘top-down approach’ in management parlance, in constrast with the ‘bottom-up approach’ of the real snow man.

The completed walnut shell snowman
So, this is how he stands.

Do you like the walnut shell snowman? Is he easy to make? Do let me know.

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