Walnut Shell Turtles

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Walnut Shell TurtlesThese little ones are on their way to far-away Luxembourg, with grim determination and staunch discipline. If you look closely, you’ll find they are walnut shell turtles. Or shall we call them tortoises? According to Live Science’s Turtle Facts, tortoises are land animals while turtles live mostly in water.

Whatever we call them, the adorable creatures (real turtles) are often in danger of their lives due to human activities. So, spare a thought for them while we make these little walnut shell turtles.

What I used to make these walnut shell turtles:

Walnut shell turtle with jute twine

  • my imagination 
  • walnut shells
  • pistachio shells (optional)
  • Jute twine (optional)
  • paper (optional)
  • glue
  • acrylic colors
  • varnish

The first step is to color the walnut shell so as to look like a turtle shell. In case you are wondering what colors I use, it’s Camel acrylic colors that can be used on multiple surfaces.

I also used a varnish, once again the Camel varnish, for a glossy finish.

Once colored, the turtle is practically ready – because turtles often hide their head and limbs inside their shells – so the shell is all you can see. Why they do it is quite a story.

But to make my turtle look for like a turtle than a walnut shell, I attached legs and head as well as a tail, which I made from Jute twine. To attach these to the shell, I first stuffed the walnut shell with paper – I practically glued  the paper to the shell and the jute twine to the paper. Then, to make them into fridge magnets, I glued a small magnet at the bottom. Ta-da – a walnut shell turtle is born!

Magnet attached to a walnut shell turtle

Instead of jute twine, you can also use pistachio shells to make the head and the limbs, like this one in the picture. It looks equally good.

walnut shell turtle with pista shell limbs

These turtles are one of the simplest and easiest to make out of all the things you can make from walnut shells. See also How to make penguins and frogs out of walnut shells and pistachio shells.

So, are you going to make a few? Do leave a comment and like the post.

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