Super Easy Peace Lilies with Pistachio Shells

As promised on social media, I bring you today Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum or peace lilies, made with my trademark pistachio shells. As usual, they are super easy to make. If you would like to know more about Peace lilies, here's the Wikipedia link. Materials used: Pistachio shells (of course) Acrylic paint (I use this one) Craft... Continue Reading →

Easy Bottle Decor with Pistachio Shells

Today I bring you easy bottle decor with pistachio shells. Bottle decor is the in thing nowadays. People are decorating bottles of all shapes and sizes with colors, beads, clay, and whatnot. So, why not pistachio shells? So here is one that I made. Materials used: Glass bottle Jute strands Pistachio shells Paint Glue The... Continue Reading →

DYI: Twig to Wardrobe Accessory

I found a piece of wood - a twig and brought it home. It was sturdy and lightweight and made me feel it had potential. What could I make with it? something pretty for myself. I toyed with the idea of a wardrobe accessory. I cleaned and brushed it; rubbed it with sandpaper. It definitely... Continue Reading →

Nutcraft Jingles

For a while, I have been away from my nuttycraft. Life happened; Covid happened. But I have been saving my nut shells all along. Let's hope new nutshell items will come again soon. Meanwhile, here's something for you to enjoy. Bringing you a few of the sweet little jingles, which are a great gift to... Continue Reading →

How many of you have seen a banana flower? If you are city folk, you may'nt have seen it. This is what it looks like: Do you think you can make a pistachio shell replica of this? Here's how to make pretty little banana flower earrings with pistachio shells. ┬áMaterials required: Pistachio shells - three... Continue Reading →

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