A bunch of roses for the vase – made with nutshells

Most craft enthusiasts try their hand at paper roses. This time, I bring you a bunch of nutshell roses and leaves. I have used both pistachio and almond shells to make them and here’s how they finally look.

Roses, and leaves made with almond and pistachio shells

Materials used in making roses:

I used my usual materials:

  • Walnut shells
  • Pistachio shells
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glue

To make the stems for the nutshell roses, I used straws from packets of soft drinks. Here’s how they look before and after painting:

Amul masti packet with strawStraws before painting Plastic straws painted green

In addition, I used some soft metal wire that is used in jewelry making, available in craft stores and online. I have pasted a link here.

How I made them:

The first step was to paint the pistachio and walnut shells using a rose-pink paint and the next step was to glue them together. Using one half of a pistachio shell as the base, I glued in the pistachio shells in a spiral to make them look like rose petals. These pictures should make the process very clear.

painted pistachio and walnut shells Nut shell rose pistachio shells in rose formation   Nut shell rose with stem and sepals

Next, the stems of the roses. For this I painted the plastic straws green as shown before. To give them enough strength to support the heavier nutshell roses, and to bend them easily, I inserted a piece of wire into each straw. Thus made, the stem needed to be attached to the base of the rose, i.e., the walnut shell. This is not easy because the stem needs additional support at the point of the attachment.

The solution, however, is super easy – the sepals. I painted some pistachio shells green and used them to support the stem at the base of the rose as shown in the picture above.

Next I painted more pistachio shells green and attached them with green metal wire to make the leaves. The wire could easily be wound around the ‘stem’ without any further need of glue.

And so, the nutshell roses and leaves were made and placed inside a painted glass bottle. A perfect piece for my glass table top.

Here’s the video in case you’d like to watch me make the roses:

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