About Me

Hi! I’m Sonia. Thanks for stopping by.

I work in an MNC, full time – 24X7. The rest of my time, I split between housework and (grocery) shopping. You would think I’m nuts – you might be right.

Pistachio shells remind of the sea shells I used to collect as a child. (I still have those sea shells somewhere.) I remember making little birds and butterflies with sea shells. So, why not make with pistachio shells? I improvised and made many more things with pistachio shells than I could ever make with sea shells. If you keep an eye on my blog, you’ll see them all, in time…

Walnut shells soon came along. One day, in my grocery store, I found a bagful of walnuts with shells. (Usually, I find only kernels). It was quite expensive, but I got the shells!

I got carried away and one day purchased a packet of almonds with shells.  These I haven’t been able to crack, let alone making things with them. So I’ve given up on almond shells for now, but there’s still the peanut shell. You will surely know if I can think of anything to make with them. Please, do revisit and drop a note, whenever you like. I will make sure to reply.

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