Autumn Butterfly Earrings with Pistachio Shells

My latest creations are butterfly earrings made with pistachio shells. Here are some pictures:

Pistachio shell butterfly

Materials used:

  • Pistachio shells
  • Long beads
  • Jewelry findings
  • Nail polish
  • Wood varnish
  • Glue

Watch me select the pistachio shells for this pair:

The next step was to paint the pistachio shells using multiple colors, followed by a period of drying:

And then, I selected the correct beads to make the body of the butterfly – the long, black ones:

If you have difficulty in finding similar beads, don’t worry, you can use some other long beads. There are plenty to choose from on Amazon.

I glued them all together, attached the jewelry findings, et voila! The Butterfly Earrings are ready for wear.

Pistachio shell butterflies to earrings Butterfly earrings

I hope you like my earrings. If not, you can make your own, of course! These are very easy to make. Easier than other earrings I have made. You may like those. Please take a look.

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