Banana Flower Earrings with Pistachio Shells

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How many of you have seen a banana flower? If you are city folk, you may’nt have seen it. This is what it looks like:

Banana Flower

Do you think you can make a pistachio shell replica of this? Here’s how to make pretty little banana flower earrings with pistachio shells.

Pistachio shell earrings resembling banana flowers

 Materials required:

  • Pistachio shells – three pairs
  • Purple paint
  • Glue
  • Yellow string/thread/twine
  • Green beads
  • Earring findings – hook and wire

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Now follow these simple and easy steps to make your own pistachio shell banana flower earrings:

  1. Soak one pair (two halves) of pistachio shells in water till they are soft. Then pierce each one at the top (broad end) with a safety pin to make a hole.
  2. Paint all the pistachio shells purple. I used nail polish instead of my usual acrylic colors.
  3. With the yellow yarn, make two tiny, hemispherical, pompoms.
  4. Cut 5 cms of wire and stick one end between a pair of pistachio shells.
  5. Glue the pistachio shell-pair and wire together
  6. Through the other end of the wire, string the pompom, one of the pierced pistachio shells, two or three green beads and the hook – in that order.
  7. Bend the wire and insert the end into the last green bead.
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 to make the other earring.

Simple enough? If not, watch me make my pair of banana flower earrings:

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