Corona virus and other easy festive decor

Walnut shell CoronaMeanwhile, a lot’s going on at Nutty Craft. Yes, the world is battling the dreaded Corona. Nutty Crafters are staying indoors and working hard at their craft – no time is a better time than this. We are hopeful that Corona will be out of our lives before the festive season comes. By then, we will have made enough items for Diwali and Christmas decor.

Corona Virus

The first item of decor we would like to present to you here is Corona, the virus that will be remembered for a long, long time. We would like this walnut shell replica of Corona to adorn our key chains and Christmas trees, to commemorate lives lost and lessons learnt in the wake of the pandemic.

Walnut shell pumpkinPumpkin

We have also made this lovely pumpkin from a walnut shell.  If you’ve read the earlier posts on this blog, you already know how to make this one. It’s simple, easy and decorative. Hang it from your Christmas tree or your wind chime. Paint a dark, smiley mouth and hollow eyes to use it for Halloween.

Decoupage on walnut shellDecoupage

We also tried decoupage on walnut shells and it worked out pretty well. These beautiful nut shells – a stark contrast from the ugly Corona, can make nice little gifts for our friends. 

Santa Claus

Like us, Santa Claus must also be busy preparing for the festive season, the current Corona menace notwithstanding. Here we are, ready to welcome him when the time comes.

Walnut shell Santa Claus

Christmas Tree Decor

Here’s an item that can be used to deck up your Christmas Tree – little golden dots on a painted walnut shell can look beautiful and bright. We can also use this item on a keychain or a ladies handbag decor.

Walnut shell decor

Walnut Shell Painting:

With Corona still bothering us – 6 months after it all started, we have nothing better to do than to indulge in more craft work. Some people have been painting pebbles and rocks. Here are some painted walnut shells:

Painted Walnut shell

Knotty Craft

Nutty craft has also been engaged in some ‘knotty craft’. Here is a sample.

Knotty Craft = Macrame

That’s all for now. Do also visit us on Facebook and Pinterest.

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