Easy Bottle Decor with Pistachio Shells

Bottle decorated with jute strands and pistachio shells.Today I bring you easy bottle decor with pistachio shells. Bottle decor is the in thing nowadays. People are decorating bottles of all shapes and sizes with colors, beads, clay, and whatnot. So, why not pistachio shells? So here is one that I made.

Materials used:

  • Glass bottle
  • Jute strands
  • Pistachio shells
  • Paint
  • Glue

The idea is to paint the pistachio shells and paste them on the bottle with glue, in any pattern or design that you like. My work is captured in this video.

The other one I decorated is a tiny glass bottle such as the one you get homeopathic medicines in. Take a look at the bottle dimensions. I painted the bottle and pasted the pistachio shell around it to look like a flower – a lotus. The bottle is the centerpiece of the flower. The bottle can still be used as a container for kumkum or perfume. Here are some pictures.

Small glass bottle Bottle dimensions Painted bottle and pistachio shells Bottle in flower

Here is a closer look:

The final look of a bottle within a pistachio shell lotus flower

I hope you like it.

If you’re interested, here are links to some materials you can use:

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