How I made a giant spider with walnut shells

With Halloween round the corner again, I thought I’ll make a giant spider with walnut shells. Sounds easy? First let me tell you how I got the shells.

My friend brought me sackful of walnuts – this being the season of dry fruits, and knowing my love for walnuts – how sweet! Then she decided to add another favor and show me an easier and more effective of cracking the walnuts open. Here she goes:

How (not) to crack walnut shells for nutty craft

How I made my giant spider with cracked walnut shells

Anyway, we salvaged a few shells, and from those, I chose two shells for my spider – one smaller than the other. For the limbs, I decided to use pieces of jute twine.

So, two pairs of walnut shell-halves and and four pieces of jute twine – fixed the pieces of twine between the walnut shell halves before gluing them together.

Materials used to make a spider with walnut shells

walnut shells with jute twines

Voila! the walnut shells are whole again, except for a few pieces of jute twine sticking out of either side of each shell.

Next step: Join the two shells together with glue. Looks like a spider already, doesn’t it?

Spider with walnut shellsThere’s only one little thing left to do:

Okay, baby! Let’s get you painted.

Spider: But Momma, I like this light skin tone! Let me be fair-skinned!

Me: Heh! Do you want to look like walnuts? Wear your true color with pride, my baby, and you will spook the world wide web.

Awww here she is!

Now, what’s a spider without a web? So I made my spider’s web with my favorite jute twine. In brief, this is how:

How to make a spider web

Now this is how my baby looks in her home:

To sum up, these are the materials I used in making a giant spider with walnut shells:

  • Jute twine
  • Glue
  • Acrylic paint

If you would like to purchase any of these items, you will find them in Amazon

If you like my baby, give me a thumbs up and you might also like these spooky creatures.

Happy Diwali! Happy Halloween!

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