How to make a peacock with nut shells

Today we’ll see how to make a peacock with nut shells.

But why peacock? It’s the time of the Durga Pooja – where I come from, that’s the biggest festival of the year. The Goddess Durga, the daughter of the mountains, has come to visit her paternal home on earth. She is accompanied by her four children and their carriers – the vahans. Every Hindu deity is blessed with a vahan (carrier). Durga’s vahan is the lion, Ganesha’s mouse, Lakshmi’s owl, Saraswati’s duck and Kartikeya’s peacock. Image result for durga imagesOf these, we have made all, but the peacock, with nut shells.

So, here’s how to make a peacock with nut shells:

Materials used 

  • Half a walnut shell
  • A peanut shell
  • Soft wood ice cream spoons
  • Beads
  • Glue
  • Paint

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Process used 

To make a peacock, first arrange the wooden ice-cream spoons like a dancing peacock’s feathers.
Place the walnut shell half at the center of the wooden ice cream spoons formation. Stick them up with glue.
Now attach the peanut shell to the walnut shell with glue, as shown in this picture.
Make the peacock’s beak with paper and attach it to the peanut shell as shown, but first paint the peanut shell
Not to forget the eyes and the crown of the peacock
How to make a peacock
Use your imagination to paint the peacock. Here I have used some glitter besides some paint

With the the peacock made, the set of vahans is complete:

vahana collage
The complete set of vahans of the Durga entourage

Now you know how to make a peacock with nut shells and ice cream spoons. Isn’t it a very simple and easy process? I’m sure even children can make this peacock with ease. Moreover, they’ll have as much fun coloring it as I have had.

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