How to make a Stegosaurus with nut shells and glue

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Painted StegosaurusYes! this time I made a Stegosaurus with nut shells – walnut and pistachio shells. It’s so simple and easy to make, I wonder why I did not think of it before. Here: watch this video to see how I made it.

A stegosaurus is a type of herbivorous dinosaur. It is characterised by huge plates on its back. 

Materials used in making the nut shell stegosaurus:

  • one whole almond shell
  • many pistachio shells
  • a piece of string
  • a new type of glue – glue drops (without which making this stegosaurus would be difficult indeed)


The 1st step is to join together shell halves to make them whole again. As you can see, I have made the body with an almond shell and the limbs with pistachio shells. However, for the back plates of the stegosaurus, place a string between the shell halves, so that the string runs through all of the pistachio shells, connecting them together.  This picture should help understand the concept.

Making the back places of the stegosaurus

Now here’s the special glue that allowed me to stick the pistachio shells to the walnut shell body and create the stegosaurus so easily:

You can get it from Amazon or by clicking on the above picture. The soft and malleable glue helps hold the nut shells in place. On the downside, it takes a long time (several days) to dry.

Once glued and dried, the nut-shell stegosaurus can be painted and used as a garden ornament or a showpiece. 

Please also check out other nutty craft animals and birds, such as the spider and the octopus.

I have also put together a whole book with 21 items that can be made of nutshells. The book is available on Amazon.

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