How to Make an American Bald Eagle for Your Keychain

I came across a picture of this majestic bird, the American bald eagle,Collage of walnut shell eagle with eagle photo and felt it deserves a walnut shell replica. So, I made this walnut shell bald eagle and you be the judge of how good it is.

As usual, the materials are simple and the steps are easy; even a child can make it. And if this picture doesn’t give everything away, here is a list of materials I used.

Materials used to make walnut shell bald eagle:

Materials used to make walnut shell bald eagle

  • A whole walnut shell
  • A whole pistachio shell
  • Googly eyes
  • Pieces of waste white yarn (Remember the old man and the knotty craft? I used the leftover yarn from those. You may also use white cotton wool)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Lots of glue 

Now here are the simple steps to make this lovely bald eagle:

Painted walnut and pistachio shells
1. Paint the walnut shell white and the pistachio shell yellow
Walnut and Pistachio shells
2. Stick the pistachio shell to the walnut shell with glue
Nut shells with googly eyes
3. Stick the googly eyes in place, with glue.
White yarn on walnut shell
Glue the white yarn all over the painted walnut shell.

or, just buy this from Amazon:

The American bald eagle is now ready to dangle from the key chain.

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