How to make Halloween Creatures out of Nut Shells

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Halloween is round the corner. Time to carve pumpkins. But we nuttycrafters have nut shells, not pumpkins. Can we make Halloween creatures out of nut shells? Let’s see.

Trick or treat?

Let’s take the treat first and eat up our nut kernels. Next, let’s do a trick and convert the nutshell into a pumpkin.

Walnut shell pumpkin
So, here is our walnut shell pumpkin. It’s not yet a Halloween item though.

painting a walnut shell
Lets paint another walnut shell, because we want more Halloween creatures.

Piece of black tape
Now, for this one, I am going to ‘carve’ out the mouth and eyes and nose out of black tape

Halloween tape
Here, you can see I have pasted the carved pieces of tape on my 2nd walnut shell. Hang on! the Halloween creature is not ready yet!

Walnut shell painted black
Now, I’m going to show you a neat trick! Let’s paint the shell black all over

1st Halloween Monster
When the paint dries, peel off the black tape and we get this! – our 1st Halloween monster! Looks, scary, doesn’t it?

2nd Halloween monster
Do not throw away the peeled off pieces of tape. Paste them on the walnut shell pumpkin. Voila! our 2nd Halloween creature!

Halloween creatures out of nut shells
Still not scared?

All right then; let’s make more Halloween creatures. peanut shell ghosts

How about ghosts out of peanut shells? They are very simple and easy to make. Just paint the peanut shells white and make the black eyes and we have the cutest little ghosts.

Now let’s sum up.

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Materials used to make Halloween creatures out of nut shells:

  • Nut shells – walnut and peanut
  • Paint – acrylic colors
  • Black tape
  • Glue
  • paint brush. scissors, etc.

If you like my Halloween creatures, do give me a five-star rating.

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