How to make pistachio shell birds

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To make these little pistachio shell birds, I have to take you back to my previous post, the crab. Surprised? Actually the leftovers of the plastic straws that I used in making the crab are used up here.

Here are the materials used in the pistachio shell birds:

  • pistachio shells (of course!)
  • pieces of plastic straw
  • acrylic paint
  • glue
  • beads

Pretty beads for craft at Amazon


pistachio shells
Take two halves of a pistachio shell and join them together.

Join them together to make birds

The next step is to stick the heads. Notice how the beads look like natural heads with the eyes in place. Cut small pieces of straw in an angular fashion and fix to the birds to form the tails.

beads to make the heads of pistachio shell birds plastic straw tails

Cut smaller pieces of straw in more angular cuts to form the beaks. Time to paint!

plastic straw beaks Time to paint the pistachio shell birds

Paint more pistachio shell pairs to make the wings.

Paint more pistachio shells to make wingsCarefully attach the wings to the birds. You can also attach strings to suspend the birds from a hanging decoration.

I attach the strings even before I stick the first pair of pistachio shells together. Now, I’ll use these to make a hanging ornament. I’ll post a picture here when that’s made. For today – this much!

Have fun making little pistachio shell birds!

Ready to fly


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