Ice-Cream Spoons and Walnut Shell Helicopter

This Walnut Shell Helicopter is dedicated to my little nephew, who is absolutely besotted with airplanes and helicopters.

I hope, dear reader, you will like it too. If you do, please leave a word of encouragement or a rating or even a suggestion for a better craft or a better post.

walnut shell helicopter colored helicopter made of a walnut shell and ice cream spoons

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What did I use to make the walnut shell helicopter?

  1. A single walnut shell, with the two halves glued together.
  2. Ice-cream spoons
  3. A pin
  4. A knife
  5. Glue
  6. Paint


Of these, the glue is by far the most important ingredient. In craft, as in relationships, how fast two things stick to one another depends on the quality of the glue between them.

soft wood ice-cream spoon
The little wooden spoons that you get with ice creams are eco-friendly (the little plastic ones are not!) and a delight to work with. They are soft, easy to cut and shape with a sandpaper.
Ice-cream spoon pierced with a pin
It is easy to pin four of them together.

walnut shell: Crack in the joint
The pin then went through a small crack in the joint between the two halves of the walnut shell. This part is, therefore, the top of the walnut shell helicopter.

Crack in the walnut shell
Another spoon can go in through the crack at the back of the shell. This will form the tail of the helicopter.

Tail piece of the walnut shell helicopter
This last spoon is split at the end to fit in a piece of wood from one of the spoons

wooden stands of the helicopter
Two more, similar pieces of wood form the stands of the walnut shell helicopter


Ice cream spoon and walnut shell helicopter
And that’s it! The copter is now ready for paint.

Painted walnut shell copter
A little gloss on top of the paint will add to its lustre.


Do you like this walnut shell craft idea? Is there any way it could have been better? Do let me know.

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