Nutcraft Jingles

Ladybird jingle

For a while, I have been away from my nuttycraft. Life happened; Covid happened. But I have been saving my nut shells all along. Let’s hope new nutshell items will come again soon. Meanwhile, here’s something for you to enjoy.

Bringing you a few of the sweet little jingles, which are a great gift to me by Brother Brendan MacCarthaigh, octagenarian poet, writer, social worker, and academician. (Google him to know more.)

Pistachio shells

Good morning frog, you’re looking fat.

Makes me suspicious what you’re at!

Although you’re smaller than a cat

You’re noisier, and you sing flat!

Piggy face snout


Look at piggy’s button nose.

(Hard to see her tail and toes.)

“Going to market” I suppose,

To buy your friend a big red rose!

attach eyes to make fishes with walnut and pistachio shells

Of all your Happy Birthday wishes

Have you ever thought of fishes?

They never bother to wear britches,

And (ugh!) worms are their favourite dishes!



Walnut shell turtle with jute twine

Tortoises can spread so wide

You rarely see them side by side.

But here our tortoise takes a ride:

Walk or swim? He can’t decide!


There are a lot more of them jingles. I’m hoping to put them all in my book on my nutshell craft – that’s what Brother would like too. Till then, you might also enjoy these little items:

Banana Flower Earrings with Pistachio Shells

How to make a Stegosaurus with nut shells and glue

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