Pistachio shell craft – more of the same

This time, I have more pistachio shell craft, somewhat similar to what I presented to you before, but with a twist or two.

For example, recall the flower and the bee of my last post. This time it’s a bee made of pistachio shells only – no walnut shells.

Materials used in bee-making:

  • Four pistachio shell halves (two shells)
  • acrylic paint
  • glue
  • Two black beads – one big for the bee’s head ans a small one for the mouth
  • A piece of string for the proboscis

Here are some links to obtain these materials:

Acrylic paint

Pistachio with shells

How I crafted the pistachio shell bee

Step one: join two pistachio shell halves with glue; step 2: paint them like a bee’s body. Here’s how:

two halves of pistachio shell Body of the bee

Step 3: take two black beads – one big and one small – to make the head of the bee. Use a short piece of string to connect the two beads as shown and make the antenna.

Head of the bee two beads and string

Step 4: glue all the parts together – the head, the body and the wings. Use the two other pistachio shell halves to make the wings. Now place the bee (or glue it) in a pistachio shell flower.

PIstachio shell flower and bee pistachio shell bee on pistachio shell flower

The other thing I made alongside the bee and the flower is the pot of succulents. The succulents as you a see in this picture is again, pistachio shell craft.

pistachio shell succulents

The challenge in this case was to get the right color – bluish-green. I mixed indigo, green, blue, and pink to get a somewhat succulent color. Wish you better luck with that.

Hope you enjoy my pistachio shell craft and try some of these ideas these holidays.

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