Super Easy Peace Lilies with Pistachio Shells

As promised on social media, I bring you today Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum or peace lilies, made with my trademark pistachio shells. As usual, they are super easy to make. If you would like to know more about Peace lilies, here’s the Wikipedia link.

Materials used:

Here’s how I made it:

For those of you who need more details:

Here are the steps to make a bunch of these pretty lilac flowers:

  1. Pierce the pistachio shells near the bottom as shown in the picture below. As I have mentioned before, pistachio shells are easy to pierce when soaked in water for sometime. Beware, the shells are hard and children should preferably get adults to do it for them. Pistachio shells with holes
  2. Paint the shells – white for the flowers and green for the leaves. Let dry.
  3. Cut the wires into size and string the yellow beads (4 to 5 beads per flower). Bend the tip of the wire and tuck it into the second bead, so that the beads are secure and the sharp end doesn’t hurt anybody.
  4. Now string the pistachio shell, hollow side facing the beads. Add a drop of white glue between the last bead and the pistachio shell to secure them.Beads and painted pistachio shell
  5. Now string a green bead, again adding a drop of white glue between the bead and the pistachio shell.

Pistachio shell between beads

Voila! the flower is ready! Make a few more this way.

Now for the leaves:

  1. As with the lilies, cut the wire into sizes and bend one end to make it blunt.
  2. String the green painted pistachio shells – one per wire strand.
  3. A drop of glue to secure the shell to the looped end of the wire.

You are done!

Now twist the peace lilies and the leaves together to form a lovely bunch. Lovely for house decor! All it needs now, is a small vase to hold it. Would a walnut shell do the job? Why not?

Peace lilies and leaves made with pistachio shellsWalnut shell vase decorated walnut shell vase

How do you like my newest fridge magnet? Do let me know.

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