The humble nut! – turned into super-easy jewelry

Nutty Craft

In the affairs of men, the famous poet observed,What’s

timing is important. (The psalms agree.)

Creative talent, where praise is deserved

must therefore be

suited to the taste of the age, like dress

or music, where the new compares

with the familiar, only more something – or less –

as the artist dares.

But what if all is new, what if a name

knocks unheralded at critics’ door

in a form or medium not the same

as anything before?

In the affairs of men – and art – the new

is all. Today, a new blade glints, to cut

through fashion and habit, inviting all to view

proudly, the humble nut!

                                                           Brendan  January 2020 


The above is a poem by Brother Brendan (Dr. Brendan McCarthaigh). I am grateful to him for bestowing this honor on my humble craft. Read more about Brother Brendan and his poetry here.

So what else is going on in Nutty Craft?

I have been trying decoupage on nut shells. Here’s a sneak peak into the interim results.

decoupage on nut shells
decoupage on nut shells

I intend to turn them into new jewelry for 2020. Keep an eye on this page, folks and keep eating lots of nuts – this is the season!

And voila! Here they are! – the humble nut, turned into gorgeous jewelry, fit for royals.

Nut shell earrings

Those who have seen my previous earrings on this site, will find these even more interesting, because these jewelry are super-easy to make! – no poking holes this time.

All I did this time is insert a little loop of wire between the two halves of the pistachio shell before joining them together with glue. Even children can do it, after they’ve had the nut.

Once the two halves of the shell are rejoined, paint them and embellish them as you wish – yes, even decoupage works. Then, turn them into earrings or use them as pendants, charms, key chains, whatever.

Decoupage works better on the bigger nut – the walnut shell. As you can see in the pictures, I haven’t joined the two halves of the walnut shell together. Instead, I used a piece of foam to cover the back. But before I did so, I stuck a pin, so it can become a lovely big ear stud.

Enjoy making nut shell jewelry – they make lovely gifts for your female friends.

Jewelry findings and supplies are easily obtained, sitting at home, thanks to Amazon. To make it even easier for you, here’s a link –

See also, Walnut Shell Pendants – Mandala Art

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