Top 6 Peanut Shells DIY Craft Ideas

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peanutsI have been focusing on walnut and pistachio shells. But peanut shells have never been far from my mind. Recently I searched the World Wide Web to see if other people are doing things with peanut shells and to my surprise, I found that a lot of people are busy making beautiful Christmas ornaments with peanut (groundnut) shells!

Here are my top 6 likes in terms of novelty and ease of making:

1. Just paint them!

Painted peanut shells
Painted peanut shells

How simple is that! I found this in a blog post: Painted Peanut Shells- the collection so far 🙂 Simply let your imagination run wild. Paint them as you wish and use them as garden ornaments, home decor elements or Christmas ornaments.

2. Ants with peanut shells

This I found in Pinterest. As you can see, I have it pinned to my own board. I like the simplicity of the idea. This was originally posted on a site for pre-school activities. Indeed, even pre-schoolers can try making these.

3. Peanut shell hummingbird

This one is simply beautiful and yet so easy to make. I’m going to try this one for sure. Just paint the peanut shell like a bird, add a beak and wings and voila! what a lovely ornament!

4. Peanuts characters out of peanut shells

Peanuts characters

Ha-ha-ha… who would have thought? This one is also on my Pinterest board, but I thought I’ll go and take a look at the website where it is posted. The topic is aptly titled Good Grief – It’s Peanuts PeanutsThe maker has combined the “love of Charles Shulz and roasted nuts”. You can see the whole gang here. Love it!

5. Peanut shell finger puppets

Another pin from my board – originally posted in Red Ted Art. These are so cute, they would easily delight children and adults alike. Making them with your children can be a great pastime. I don’t think you need to worry about how the peanut shells are cracked. You can always glue them together and cut off a part from the bottom.

6. Peanut shell Christmas ornaments

These are somewhat similar to numbers 4 and 5, but I like the variety and especially the idea of the reindeer. It takes a lot of thought to retain the original shape of the peanut and at the same time fashion it into something cute.

I hope you enjoyed by selection. Happy to know about other beautiful ideas out there. So, please let me know.

Also, do not forget to visit my own craft out of walnut and pistachio shells. For example, take a look at this crab and the Minions.

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