Walnut Shell Emoticons for Christmas Cheer

Here come walnut shell emoticons to add to the Christmas cheer!

The Christmas trees are all up and ready, but small last minute additions are always welcome, aren’t they? So what do you think of these?

walnut shell emoticons

If you are wondering how to stick them to the tree, well, these two were made with two halves of the same walnut shell and so, I actually stuck them up together, and with a bit of looped string. They now look like this:

walnut shell emoticons pair  smiley face kissie face

Now can we hook them up that Christmas tree?

So, how did I make the walnut shell emoticons? Especially, the pout and the smile? 

I used a special embossing technique – a very simple and easy one, but let’s start from the beginning:

painted walnut shells

Here are the two halves of a walnut shell painted and ready to become the first walnut shell emoticons. 

Making of walnut shell emoticons

embossed mouths of walnut shell emoticons

I painted their mouths with ample glue. While the glue was still liquid, I used some fine cotton yarn to forms the mouths. Cotton absorbs the glue and becomes pliable enough to be molded into any shape. I let them dry before I painted the mouths red.

I used a similar technique to make Kissie’s eyelashes. For those, I used black cotton yarn. I dipped the yarn in glue. When semi-dry, I cut and molded them into semi-circular shapes. I then let them dry and stiffen. When ready I stuck them onto the painted eyelid. Is it a clever technique? Anyway, those are my secrets.

Now, to sum up, let’s list up all the materials used.

Materials used to make walnut shell emoticons:

  • walnut shells
  • paint (acrylic colors)
  • glue
  • cotton yarn
  • googly eyes

That’s all!

If you like the walnut shell emoticons and find them easy to make, you’ll also like the Tweety bird, which is somewhat similar.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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