Walnut Shell Jewel Box

How would you like to have a little jewel box made of a walnut shell? You can easily make one (or more) for yourself if you follow my process. Here goes…

walnut shell jewel boxes - open

These are the things I used to make my Walnut Shell Jewel Box:

  • My imagination
  • A whole walnut shell, neatly broken into two halves
  • Silk ribbon
  • Glue
  • Acrylic colors
  • Beads, pin, thermocol etc.

Stock up your craft materials

The base and the lid

First, clean the insides of the shells and paste a piece of ribbon across the two halves of the shell so as to connect them together. Two things are important here:

  1. The ribbon should be positioned so the two halves of the shell can close completely.
  2. The ribbon should be made of fabric and not paper. This is because fabric ribbon is flexible and will allow the walnut shell jewel box to open and close.

Attaching two halves of a walnut shell shell Attached two halves of a walnut shell

When the glue dries, your box is almost ready. You can paste more pieces of ribbon to the inner walls of the walnut shells, or just paint the insides to match the color of the ribbon you used.

Paint the exterior as you like or just use a coat of varnish. I used a bit of glitter on the lid of one of my boxes, but it still looks like a walnut.

Walnut shell jewel box with pista shell pedestal


Now, if the walnut shell jewel box cannot stand upright on its own, you may need to attach a pedestal. For one of my boxes, I used a piece of thermocol and for the other, I used a pista shell.


The next thing you may attach to your walnut shell jewel box, is a fastener for the lid. I devised two kinds of fasteners for my walnut shell jewel boxes:

For the first one, I ran a metal pin (the kind used in jewelry-making) through two beads as shown in the picture. I bent the pin and attached the beads on either side of the box (one on the lid and one below it) with glue. I might as well mention here, that you should use a good quality glue that is both fast and quick; i.e. it stick things fast and dries quickly. At the same time, it should not have any harmful chemicals in it.

Best Craft Glue

Walnut shell jewel box with external fastener
Walnut shell jewel box with external fastener
Walnut shell jewel box with internal fastener
Walnut shell jewel box with internal fastener










For the 2nd one, I broke a piece of a tooth pick and attached two little beads with it to the interior surfaces of the box as shown. The tooth pick is fixed to the bead on the (upper) lid and goes right through the one on the lower part to shut the box close.

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